UK LGBTQ+ Immigration Lawyers

Citizenship applications

Giambrone has specialist expertise when assisting individuals marrying a foreign national from Italy or Spain.

We provide legal advice on all matters relating to (Italian/Spanish) immigration law. The process begins by advising individuals on the viability of their applications, ensuring that the necessary documentation is in order, and then supporting clients through any possible complications during the process. 

Our immigration lawyers can help you and your partner with:

  • assistance in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and German communication
  • advising on, and dealing with complex situations
  • speed of action
  • cost-effectiveness and value for money
  • consultations in Italy (Milan, Rome, Sardinia, Palermo, Catania, Turin) or Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Gran Canaria)
  • global advice offered via email or conference call

Name Changing

In the UK you can assume your partner’s surname, keep your existing surname, combine two surnames with a hyphen, and in some cases may need to change your name by Deed Poll (a legal document binding the applicant to use the new name exclusively from the date the document is drawn up). We can also assist with a name change confirmed in one country, being legally acknowledged elsewhere.

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