Family Law

Gay Lawyers, the LGBTQ+ division of Giambrone can assist with a wide range of issues surrounding same-sex marriage and civil partnerships. Whether you are starting, or ending a civil partnership or marriage, Giambrone can assist you in ensuring that your relationship either starts out on a sound footing, or ends with the best possible outcome.

Prenuptial /Pre-civil Partnership Agreements

Many people choose to protect their existing assets by way of a Prenuptial/Pre-civil partnership Agreement. However, it is fair to say there may be a degree of confusion as to how much protection such an Agreement can bring. Recent case law (Radmacher – v – Granatino; UK Supreme Court October 2010) decided that fair prenuptial agreements entered into by the free will of the parties, without undue influence and in the full knowledge of all the legal and financial implications, had legal weight. So should things come to an end, it is far better to have an existing document that confirms the views of the couple at the time of starting their relationship, than nothing at all – or just word of mouth.

Co-habitation Agreements

Co-habitation Agreements or Living Together Agreements define the way financial aspects of a relationship are conducted throughout the relationship, and in the event of a separation. An Agreement provides clarity in a variety of ways. For example:

  • The financial responsibility, and divisional proportion of household bills and mortgage payments.
  • What the non-earning partner who provides childcare can expect to receive in the event of a separation.

There is no official weight in law, but an Agreement demonstrates the understandings and feelings of a couple at the time of drafting, as they both entered into it freely, with open and honest disclosure. This all indicates to the court what the couple’s vision for the future was.

Child Law

This area of family law has a wide spectrum. The legal issues concerning Child Law for same-sex couples are, in some respects, unique.  The multi-specialist family lawyers in Gay Lawyers will consider each matter from an individual perspective, to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for all clients.

Gay Divorce and Civil Partnership Break-up

The break-up of a marriage or civil partnership, regardless of whether it was long or short-term, is often a difficult experience. Our lawyers will help you focus on the practicalities, specifically the financial aspects of a break-up, which in some cases, can have a considerable impact on your future. We understand how difficult it can be to make wise decisions when pressured. We will advise and guide you through the processes with sensitivity and understanding, subsequently minimising any anxieties you may experience.

Gay Lawyers has vast experience of the many types of disputes that can arise during the course of a relationship break-up. Our lawyers’ focus is to bring the relationship to a close using their negotiating skills, as opposed to resorting to a legal battle in court. However, we will move swiftly and decisively to diminish any spurious arguments intended to prolong a matter. The lawyers at Giambrone will work with you to develop dynamic strategies that ensure the best possible outcome will be achieved. But should it be necessary, our lawyers are capable of bringing a case to court and defending your best interests.

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