Finland passes gender self-determination law

After Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Norway, and Switzerland, Finland is the eighth country in Europe to grant trans people the freedom to change their registered sex without the need to undergo surgery and psychological diagnosis. 

After more than a decade of struggle by LGBTQIA+ activists, the previous law, which required proof of infertility and a psychiatric diagnosis as prerequisites for legal recognition of a gender other than birth sex, has been overturned.

“With the passing of this law, Finland has taken an important step towards protecting the rights of trans people and improving their lives and their right to self-determination,” said Matti Pihlajamaa, LGBT+ rights advisor at Amnesty International Finland. 

In fact, with the new law, passed with 113 votes in favor and 69 against, gender recognition will be granted to people of legal age following the submission of a written request and thpassing mandatory 30-day ‘reflection period’. 

Maria Cecilia Castellazzi,  Trainee Lawyer