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Gay Lawyers have specific and expert experience in dealing with the breakdown of LGBTQIA+ relationships and some of the related circumstances or complications that arise. We understand the issues which can be at stake and are sensitive to the realities of a breakdown.

The break-up of a marriage or committed relationship, regardless of whether it was long or short-term, is often a difficult experience. The courts have an expectation that both parties will aim to resolve any disputes prior to applying to the court.

Gay Lawyers will advise and guide you through the process. Our lawyers will help you focus on the practicalities, specifically the financial aspects of a break-up, which in some cases, can have a considerable impact on your future.

Our lawyers can assist you by attempting to negotiate a fair and reasonable division of assets which is in your best interests, and likely to be acceptable to the court. We are keen to resolve matters without referring the case to Court, however this is on the basis that both parties are wanting to reach a settlement and engage. 

In the event that you, or your partner(s) have assets overseas, our lawyers will access their cross-border, multi-jurisdictional and multilingual expertise in order to deal with the complexities of legality when dividing real estate, and any other assets that are based abroad.

Gay Lawyers can assist with a wide range of issues concerning same-sex marriage and civil partnerships.

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