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Wills and probate are often a difficult, emotive and sensitive topic, particularly for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Often, we have complex experiences with family members  and relationships are not always straightforward. At Gay Lawyers we have extensive experience in protecting the wishes enshrined by an individual in a Will. 

Getting the correct legal advice is particularly important depending on the circumstances. For example, whether you are single, cohabiting, divorced, married or in a civil partnership. You may have children to consider, or strained relationships with family members and wish to protect your assets for the benefit of others. 

It is absolutely essential that your will is drafted with total precision and addresses all eventualities, such as:

  1. What happens if a beneficiary predeceases you?

  2. Protecting your partner’s position if you are unmarried

  3. Minimising your beneficiary’s tax liability

  4. What happens if you lose capacity?

  5. A lasting power of attorney (LPA)

  6. What can be done to stop your relatives challenging the will?

  7. How to protect a beneficiary who is under the age of majority

  8. How to make certain your executors will carry out your express wishes

  9. How to ensure that the inheritance goes only to the individual named and not to the beneficiary’s family upon their death

  10. The empathic lawyers at Gay Lawyers, have years of experience in drafting iron-clad Wills for gay couples to ensure that their wishes are adhered to, and understanding the circumstances and issues involved.

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