Pope Francis against proponents of criminalising homosexuality

Pope Francis returns to the subject of homosexuality in an interview given in the aftermath of Ratzinger’s death, in which he lashes out at Catholic Bishops who advocate the criminalisation of homosexuality.

Declaring such laws ‘unjust’, the Pontiff stressed that the Catholic Church can, and must work to repeal them. “It must do this,” the Jesuit stressed.

In his recently published book ‘Fear as a Gift’, Pope Francis harshly condemns discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people, recalling that “God does not deny homosexual people”. However, Francis has always alternated between a position of tolerance and condemnation on the subject. For example; during an interview with Associated Press, he specified that homosexuality cannot be considered a crime, but certainly a sin. In his own words:

“Being homosexual is not a crime, but it is a sin. Yes, first we distinguish between sin and crime. But lack of charity towards one’s neighbour is also a sin, so what? Every man and woman must have a window in their life to which they can turn their hope and receive God’s dignity. And being homosexual is not a crime, it is a human condition”.

Pope Francis’ declarations against the criminalisation of homosexuality are definitely positive, and give continued encouragement for a slow change of course; one which is both hopefully progressive and effective.