Trans girl murdered in Cheshire, England


Brianna Ghey, a 16-year-old Trans girl, was stabbed to death in a park in Culcheth, an affluent village in Cheshire, between Liverpool and Manchester, England, on the afternoon of Saturday 11 February.

Brianna was born male, and had been on her transition path for several months.

The father of a school friend has confirmed how Brianna was bullied “relentlessly” because of her gender identity before the murder took place.

He also accused the school authorities and police of failing to deal with harassment against “anyone who is different or inconspicuous.”

The police, after the arrest of two 15-year-olds in relation to the incident, explained there’s no current evidence suggesting a hate crime, but that investigators are acknowledging Brianna’s Transgender status may have been a motive.

The tragedy has caused major political debate in the UK, where Transgender rights have become a bone of contention between differing Political & Cultural fractions, especially following the Westminster Parliament’s veto of a law passed by the Scottish Government on Gender Self-Determination.

Maria Cecilia Castellazzi, Trainee Lawyer

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