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Federica Brondoni, speaker at the online event on LGBTQIA+ Rights organized by PHYD.

Lawyer Federica Brondoni is one of the prominent speakers at the free online event titled “LGBTQIA+ Rights: Towards Inclusive Employment”, organized by PHYD.

The aim of this meeting is to delve into the methods and useful tools for spreading a truly inclusive and prejudice-free culture in workplaces. Federica Brondoni’s presence promises to be a valuable contribution, thanks to her experience in the legal field and her passion for LGBTQIA+ rights.

In addition to Federica Brondoni, other experts in the field will also participate, including Monia Dardi, organizational consultant for diversity, equity, and inclusion at Mylia; Andrea Boga, graphic design expert; and journalist Giulia Cimpanelli, who will moderate the event.