From today LGBTQIA+ topics banned for under-11s: the case of a Milanese school

 As America attempts to obtain a law that can decide the permissibility of sharing certain themes at schools, and Europe tries to implement sanctions that avoid full freedom of expression, specifying that introducing this specific content to children will not interfere with their normal development and wellness,  a well-known bilingual private school in Milan grants” the possibility of dealing with LGBTQIA+ issues ONLY optional to students over the age of 11. Further specifying that no texts or documentation dealing with the subject matter should be available in school reading materials.

The same communication additionally confirms that gender identity can only be discussed and explored in depth with students over the age of 14, whilst also promoting avoiding the use of focused educational materials with those under (14).

The communication (in English), which caused perplexities amongst teachers, was recently received from Inspired, the company that heads the International school, signed by the CEO for Italy and the Global Education Director.

These defined guidelines on such a sensitive, complex topic suggest regression and exclusion. And many people involved are asking the same question: is this not an outdated stance for a school that has always been recognised as perpetuating its ‘International’ scope?

Giorgio Galluzzo, Business Development Executive