Important Victory in Padua: Court Rejects Prosecutor's Appeal Against Rainbow Families

More than 30 children can finally feel relieved. The Padua Court has rejected the prosecutor’s appeal against rainbow families, ensuring these children’s right to have their family composition recognized.

A Battle for Recognition

The story began in 2023 when the Padua Prosecutor’s Office challenged the decision of the Municipality to register the children of two mothers in the registry office. The Padua Court, in its ruling, declared the appeals filed by the Prosecutor’s Office inadmissible, with the consequence that certificates indicating two mothers as parents are, for the time being, fully valid.

An Important Step Forward for LGBTQ+ Rights

The Padua Court’s ruling represents an important step forward for rainbow families and the entire LGBTQ+ community. It is a fundamental decision towards the recognition of the rights of all families, regardless of their composition.

LGBTQ+ associations have welcomed the ruling, calling it a “historic day” for Italy. Even the Mayor of Padua, Sergio Giordani, expressed his satisfaction, emphasising that “the love and primary interest of the little ones” have finally been protected.

The Padua Court’s ruling also sets an important precedent for future legal battles regarding same-sex parenting, pending the enactment of laws – advocated by the Constitutional Court and the Court of Cassation – to protect the children of same-sex couples.

Cynthia Cortés Castillo, Digital Marketing Executive

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