Padova: the public prosecutor's office requests the acts relating to the civil registration of children of homogenous couples

The public prosecutor’s office in Padova has asked the municipality to forward the acts relating to the registry: ‘registrations of the children of homogenous couples’, with the possibility of then turning to the Court to have them annulled.

In discussion are birth certificates and 33 registrations of children of same-sex couples from 2017 to date, from when the centre-left administration chose to open this road to so-called rainbow families.

A month ago, the Prefecture had already informed the judicial authorities of the procedures followed by the municipality, at the instigation of the mayor, to register the children of gay couples, with particular reference to the children of two mothers, one of whom is biological. Previously, Prefect Raffaele Grassi had sent a circular to all the mayors of the province of Padova urging them to comply with the Court of Cassation’s ruling blocking the registry office recognition of children of rainbow couples. However, following a meeting between Grassi and Mayor Giordani, the latter had decided not to change direction, continuing with the registration of children of homogenous couples.

Commenting on the recent request by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Padova, Mayor Giordani said, ‘As mayor I have acted in the exclusive interest of girls and boys and their fundamental rights. I reiterate that I consider it my duty. Children come before all discussions. Avoiding very serious discrimination for them is an objective that overcomes regulatory gaps and pursues Constitutional values’.

MP Rachele Scarpa of the Democratic Party also commented on the news: ‘We can no longer wait: Parliament must urgently legislate on the registration of children of homogenous and single-parent couples: letting the lack of legislation on the subject define the destiny of children, risking that they legally lose a parent with whom they have grown up for years, means denying the fundamental rights of minors’.

Maria Cecilia Castellazzi, Trainee Lawyer

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