Federica Brondoni - "The Rights Tram has No Terminus": A Journey Towards Inclusion

"The Rights Tram has No Terminus": A Journey Towards Inclusion

The talk “The Rights Tram has No Terminus” concluded successfully, an event organized by Interface and entirely set up inside the historic tram K35 in Milan. Our expert Federica Brondoni participated alongside Aaron Pugliesi from the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy as opinion leaders, to narrate and outline the challenges already overcome and those still to be faced on the path towards true inclusion.

During the meeting, the importance of a peaceful and participative adaptation to spaces was emphasized, considering them as places where each individual can express their uniqueness in mutual respect, thus promoting sincere, effective, and fruitful coexistence.

A special thanks goes to Daniela Ravaschio and her team for sensitively organizing an impeccable itinerant event during Design Week 2023. Building and staging an event of such magnitude in a vibrant and crowded Milan was a daunting task, yet the result was extraordinary. 

This event represented an important step forward in promoting awareness and acceptance of inclusion, demonstrating that the journey towards a more inclusive and respectful world is a collective commitment that involves all spheres of society.


Watch the video below: